Open Questions

These are questions I've asked and have yet to find good answers for.
Doesn't mean they don't exist!
(these will likely end up being explored in my writing)
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Why aren't there festivals like Burning Man all over the place?

What happened to the World's fair and why don't we have one every year in modern times?

In addition to the PayPal Mafia, what other tech mafias exist? How do you create one?

Who is best in the world at identifying talent and how do they do so?

Why are there so many superintellectuals from Austria and Hungary?

How did Patrick Collison meet and recruit Greg Brockman?

Is reading fast a necessary condition for brilliance?

Why have we not seen another Einstein or da Vinci in our time?

Why would anyone pay for an NFT if there is no enforcement?

If we eventually clone ourselves, how do we determine the real (original) person?

What does a world with abundant AI (communist) and crypto (libertarian) look like?

Why has the cost of college so drastically outpaced inflation?

Can we ever surpass Dunbar's number without creating chaos?

If conformity kills creativity, how do you avoid the social convention trap?

If short and simple is best for communication, why do the smartest people speak highbrow?

What can we do to stop the rise of an authoritarian China?

Is it possible to create a Silicon Valley without liberty?

Is our technological growth stagnating?

Does tenure constrict scientific progress?