My Projects

Here's a list of my past and present projects.

Past and Present Projects

Name: Party Quizzes
About: Zoom Trivia for the Pandemic
Status: In production
Category: Side project
Role: Code Monkey / Sole Developer / Quiz Writer
Stack: Ruby / Rails / JS / JQuery / HTML / CSS / PostgreSQL
Name: NickelCommerce Inc.
About: Transparent B2B E-commerce
Status: In production
Category: Full time startup
Role: Founder & CEO / Sole Developer / Sales Lead
Stack: Ruby / Rails / JS / JQuery / HTML / CSS / Python / S3 / MySQL
Name: High Hat Cufflink Co.
About: Bespoke 3D Printed Cufflinks
Status: Defunct
Category: Side project
Role: Designer / Creator / Chief Technoking
Stack: Luck / Skill / Concentrated Power of Will / Pleasure / Pain